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IDentifEYE game


IDentifEYE is a serious educational game based on Augmented Reality. Basically it is a multiple choice questionnaire that provides feedback per answer chosen by the user. This feedback can take the form of visuals, audio and written text.

The game was developed to be played in a social setting. Initially it was designated to be part of a lesson program in the class room, later it was also designed to be played by an adult and a child.

The framework of the games that were developed on top of a game engine always concerns the topics of online identity and online experiences. The game’s main target group is youngsters between 11 and 14 years.

The game was developed within the framework of the European CDEI project, expanded in the European Dynamic Identity project and used in the Polish project Dynamiczna Tozsamosc 2013.


  • Within the right settings (non-hierarchical didactics, dialogue) the game empowers openness and spontaneity among its main target on difficult topics
  • The game triggers reflection and fun


  • Intergenerational communication
  • Dialogue on online events


  • Computer with webcam and speakers
  • Printed markers (available within the game)
  • Blue or green background behind the player(s)
  • [Offline version] Download to local disk
  • [Online version] Internet connection; Silverlight

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